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Key Provisions In Business Contracts

June 2016 Newsletter Article Entering into any business agreement is a serious undertaking and requires sufficient time and preparation. Simply understanding the meaning of all of the terms of a…

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Noncompete Agreements And The Requirement of Additional Consideration

May 2016 Newsletter Article For the greater part of the twentieth century and until 2006, Texas courts generally disfavored non-compete agreements, finding them unenforceable as restraints on trade. However, in…

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Commercial Tenants Should Beware of Automatic Lease Renewals

March 2016 Newsletter Article Commercial Tenants Should Beware of Automatic Lease Renewals Every day in Texas, business owners are signing commercial leases. Although the subject property and the lease terms will…

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Enforcing Employee Non-Compete Agreements in Texas

February 2016 Newsletter Article Those familiar with employee non-compete agreements know that enforcement of such agreements varies greatly from state to state. Employee non competes, also known as restrictive covenants,…

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Key Provisions of Construction Contracts

January 2016 Newsletter Article Written contracts are useful tools for any business, and construction companies are no exception. In fact, contracts can be both practically useful and strategic in the…

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