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<h3>This blog is meant to be informative in a general sense. Each legal situation is different, and a legal solution for one person or business may not be the legal remedy for another person or business. These blogs do not constitute legal advice.</br> </br> Please contact us to discuss your specific legal situation.</h3>

Texas M & A Declined in 2015

October 2016 Newsletter Article 2015 was the biggest year ever on a global scale for…

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Franchisor Liability in The Future

September 2016 Newsletter Article Franchisor liability took a turn down a different road in 2014…

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Key Provisions of Construction Contracts

January 2016 Newsletter Article Written contracts are useful tools for any business, and construction companies…

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Mergers and Acquisitions: Don’t Forget Intellectual Property Issues

One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make, especially in the context of acquiring…

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Dealing with Angry and Unsatisfied Customers

Ouch. You missed a deadline for one of your key customers through no fault of…

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