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<h3>This blog is meant to be informative in a general sense. Each legal situation is different, and a legal solution for one person or business may not be the legal remedy for another person or business. These blogs do not constitute legal advice.</br> </br> Please contact us to discuss your specific legal situation.</h3>

Mediation May Be The Best Option To Resolve A Business Dispute

The system of litigation utilized in the United States is adversarial rather than inquisitorial. This…

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Written Agreement Is Essential In Any Texas Business Transaction

September 2017 Newsletter Article For each and every business matter, it is important, if not…

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Suing an Out-Of-State Business In Texas

August 2017 Newsletter Article Typically, the most important aspect of suing an out-of-state business in…

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Update on Non-Competes and Disclosure of Trade Secrets

July 2017 Newsletter Article Here are some updates on three cases, two of which involved…

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M & A: Formulating an Exit Strategy

June 2017 Newsletter Article When company owners consider long-term planning for a business, they must…

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Elements of a Texas Tortious Interference Claim

April 2017 Newsletter Article Employers must not only address the problematic situations that arise when…

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Should I Start A Franchised Business?

January 2017 Newsletter Article A component of achieving success in business is having the knowledge…

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Excluding Competitors from The Courtroom in Trade Secret Cases

November 2016 Newsletter Article In a recent decision, the Texas Supreme Court provided new guidance…

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Trade Secrets And The Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine

August 2016 Newsletter Article Within the law of trade secrets, the inevitable disclosure doctrine allows…

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