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Legal Documents

R. D. Adair, PLLC has counseled and advised clients involved in business, M&A and real estate transactions by negotiating, reviewing and preparing legal documents, including the following: Annual Consents & Minutes Asset Purchase Agreements Bank / Commercial Loan Documents Buy-Sell Agreements Certificate of Formation Commercial Lease Agreements Commercial Purchase Agreements Company / Operating Agreements Confidentiality Agreements Consents / Minutes – Special Meetings Consulting Agreements Corporate Resolutions Cross Purchase Agreements Development Agreements Email Servicing Agreements Employment Agreements Franchise Agreements General Contracts Guaranty Agreements Independent Contractor Agreements Joint Venture Agreements Letters of Intent Machinery Acquisition Agreements Merger Agreements Noncompetition Agreements Nondisclosure Agreements Nonsolicitation Agreements Partnership Agreements Plans of Conversion Plans of Merger Power of Attorney Documents Purchase Contracts Professional Services Agreements Promissory Notes Publication Agreements Reciprocal Easement Agreements Reseller Agreements Sales Agreements Sales Representative Agreements Servicing Agreements Settlement Agreements Sponsorship Agreements Stock Option Agreements Stock Option Plans Stock Purchase Agreements


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