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Debt Collection

  • Who does the firm represent?
    Small and large businesses in all industries, consumers, capital providers.

  • In which industries?
    All industries.

  • What does the process entail, broadly speaking? Is it just enforcement of judgments, are other activities included like skip tracing and asset searching?
    We pursue claims from the the demand letter and protecting lien rights, through suit and judgment, to post-judgment discovery and potentially pursuing claims even in bankruptcy. Prior to taking any action, we perform basic asset searches to determine whether there is at least a minimal possibility of assets to collect; we don’t want them to simply have a piece of paper entitled “judgment.”

  • What is the filtering process, if there is one? Does the firm identify debtors who are extremely unlikely to be able to pay and share that info with the client before proceeding further?
    Answered above.

  • Is the fee contingency based? And should there be any discussion of the fee structure here?
    Often, firms that offer debt collection services state whether the fee is contingency-based. My such work is generally hourly based, but I have tailored a different payment structure for one high volume client; I file the lien notices and lien documents for a flat fee per document on a monthly basis for them, and then I handle all litigation claims at my normal hourly rate.


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