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Entity Formations & Dissolutions

The process of forming a legal entity for a business venture is more complicated than filling out a form. The attorneys at the R. D. Adair, PLLC have formed hundreds of business entities for its clients. After discussing the goals and unique aspects of a new or existing business, our attorneys help their clients select the most appropriate entity to be used for a business after consideration of legal, tax, operational and managerial issues. Our attorneys can assist with the formation of any of the following types of entities: GENERAL ENTITY FORMATIONS: Limited Liability Company (LLC) Series Limited Liability Company (Series LLC) For Profit Corporation (Inc. or Corp.) Limited Partnership (LP or Ltd. – may also include a Family Limited Partnership) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Joint Venture (JV) General Partnership Sole Proprietorship Not For Profit Corporation PROFESSIONAL ENTITY FORMATIONS: Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC) Professional Association (PA) Professional Corporation (PC) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Sometimes, a business owner needs to change the type of entity used for their business operations. What happens when changes in the legal, business and/or taxation environment eliminates the advantage of a current entity structure? Our attorneys can assist with the conversion of an existing entity into a different entity form without losing any of the financial, business or operational history of the business. People work hard to make their business successful, but sometimes, things do not go as planned and they make the difficult decision to close the business. Our attorneys can assist clients through the maze of legal questions that arise during the process of closing a business and provide some comfort by assisting with the process and shutting down the entity. Our attorneys believe in the principle that a business owner should protect his/her right to maintain control over who should be a business partner. With this concept in mind, our attorneys assist clients with the preparation of documents between owners of entities to control and/or protect the transfer of ownership interests among the owners or to outside parties. Unless the owners agree on the “rules” governing such circumstances, typically through a Buy / Sell Agreement, a business owner runs the risk of losing this precious right! To see a list of the variety of legal documents that R. D. Adair, PLLC has negotiated, prepared and reviewed, please CLICK HERE.


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